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Birds (Class Aves):

Note: The above taxonomic information is from The A.O.U. Checklist of North American Birds, Seventh Edition.

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Reptiles (Class Reptilia):

Subclass Lepidosauria

*** Here is an approximate Checklist of Snakes in the Cayuga Lake Basin I tossed together.
Subclass Anapsida
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Amphibians (Class Amphibia)

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Mammals (Class Mammalia)

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NOTE:If you can identify any of these PLEASE email me! Thanks!

(White-spotted?) Pine Sawyer Beetle: Found near Rye Mountain Park. (appr. 1 inch long body!)
Tiger Beetle: Seen between Valco and the Snakeskin Picinic area.
Spider: Spider sitting on a web.
Polyphemous Moth: Found in Rye Colorado.
Queen: Seen along the Arkansas near Runyon lake.
Cabbage White: Seen in the Olive Marsh along the Arkansas River.
Arachne Checkerspot: Found near the butterflies above.
Red Admiral: Seen in Lake Henry Grove on a 1999 fall CFO trip.
Dragonfly: Please email me if you can ID this one. :-]
Dragonfly: Could you email me if you can ID this one too? :-]

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