Mathematical Modeling (MATH 420/620)

Fall 2017 course website

Lectures: 12:00pm-12:50pm, MWF, 28 Aug - 12 Dec, 2017 in DMS 106 (map)    
Scheduled Final: 12:10-2:10pm on Friday, 15 December 2017. (PDF of Fall 2017 Final Week Schedule; UNR Fall 2017 Calendar).
Syllabus: Click here to download (PDF).

Office Hours: Monday 1-2pm, Wednesday 3-4pm, or by appointment, in 220 DMSC.

Textbook Website:
WebCampus will be used for this course:

Software Resources

LaTeX: Use TeXStudio if you don't have a preferred editor. Want to use the cloud instead? Use
You might find my LaTeX Resources page useful for getting started, and see the AMS Short Math Guide for LaTeX (PDF) as your primary resource for writing math.

R: Install R, then RStudio. Also, see my R page and to get started using R.
Google's Style Guide for R scripts:
R Intro for Math 420 (PDF)

Homework Templates: Want to turn in homework that looks like this PDF? Download this zip file and open the TeX document in TeXStudio, or the *.Rnw file in RStudio.

Maxima:A free alternative to Maple for symbolic computations. Download Maxima or the slightly more user friendly version (preferred) wxMaxima. Resources to get started with Maxima: Instant Maxima (PDF) by Steve Ellner. Also, see Richard H. Rand's Introduction to Maxima, or see the Maxima website.

(You may also want to get familiar with software like Matlab, Mathematica, SAS, ArcGIS, etc. available through UNR Remove Services.

Tentative Schedule

Week Monday Wednesday Friday Homework & Notes
1: 8/28-9/1 Syllabus;
Introduction & overview
Software Introduction
Probability Review
2: 9/4-9/7 No Class (Labor Day) Probability Review & Intro to the "5 Step Method"
Basic Probability Modeling
probability-review.pdf, probability-distributions.pdf
Homework 1: hw1.pdf [TeX]
3: 9/11-9/15 Probability Modeling Statistics Review
Statistics (cont'd)
week3stats.R, transects.xlsx
Reading: DOI 10.1098/rsta.2009.0120, see also
HW1 Solutions: LaTeX+R (PDF; Rnw), R Markdown (PDF; Rmd)
4: 9/18-9/22 Statistics (cont'd)
count-data-example-week4.R, transectcounts.xlsx
Modify to use glm.nb()
Statistics & Data
From class: count-data-NB.R
Data manipulation in R
data-files.R, transectobservers.csv, data-files-inclass.R
Note: I added some things to the two Wednesday and Friday scripts.
Homework 2: hw2.pdf [TeX]
5: 9/25-9/29 Statistics & Data
Week5a.pdf [Rmd]
Statistics & Data Statistics Wrap-up hw2-soln.R
6: 10/2-10/6 Review for Exam 1 Stochastic Processes Stochastic Processes
7: 10/9-10/13 Poisson Processes Simulation: hpp.R Exam 1 Markov Chains Non-homogeneous Poisson Process code: nhpp.R
8: 10/16-10/20 Markov Chains, go over Exam 1 Markov Chains Markov Chains
9: 10/23-10/27 Markov Chains
Markov Chains
Nevada Day (No Class) Homework 3: hw3.pdf [TeX+PNG]
Solutions: hw3-solns.pdf
10: 10/30-11/3 Markov Chains Dynamic Models Dynamic Models: Mean Field Models
Draft Project Proposals due Monday 11/13 (see project-draft-proposal.pdf)
11: 11/6-11/10 Dynamic Models continued
Veteran's Day Obs. (No Class)
12: 11/13-11/17 Dynamic Models Homework 4: hw4.pdf [TeX] (Due: Nov 20)
Solutions: hw4-solns.pdf
13: 11/20-11/24 Dynamic Models: Eq. Stability Analysis
stability2D.wxmx, stability3D.wxmx
Stablity Analysis Thanksgiving Break (No Class) Project Report Info: [PDF][TEX]
14: 11/27-12/1 Numerical Solutions to ODEs
numerical-solutions-ODEs.R, RMeqstability.wxmx
Numerical Solutions to ODEs Sensitivty Analysis, Bifurcations
Homework 5: hw5.pdf [TeX] (Due: Mon 12/4). lorenz.R
Solutions: hw5-soln.pdf
15: 12/4-12/8 Bifurcations, Optimization
Week15a.pdf, optimization.R
Exam Review Exam 2 (in class)
16: 12/11 Project Reports DUE Prep Day (No Class!) Final 12:10-2:10pm
(PDF of Fall 2017 Final Week Schedule)