MATH 722 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos II, Spring 2017

Lectures: 9:30am-10:45am, Monday and Wednesday in TBD (map) unless otherwise noted on the schedule below.
Syllabus: Click here to download (PDF). (Updated 8 Feb 2017)

Office Hours: 11-12 Mon and 12:30-1:30pm Weds in 220 DMSC, or by appointment.

Textbook: Kuznetsov, Yuri. Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory (3rd). [Review]
Website: This course uses WebCampus ( in addition to the instructor's website for the course at

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Tentative Schedule

Week Monday Wednesday Notes
1: Jan 23, 25 Introduction & overview Linear ODEs & Review Notes: All
2: 1/30, 2/1 Basic Definitions and Examples (continued) Ch. 1
Notes: All
3: Feb 6, 8 Smale Horseshoe and Shift Maps ODEs and Poincare Maps Ch. 1
Notes: M.B.
4: Feb 13, 15 Topological Equivalence of Systems Generic types of equilibria; Bifurcations Ch. 2
Notes: Z.H.
5: Feb 20, 22 NO CLASS (Presidents Day) One-parameter Bifurcations (continuous) Ch. 3
Notes: A.R.
6: Feb 27, 3/1 One-parameter Bifurcations; Normal Forms One Parameter Bifurcations;
Structural Stability; Center Manifolds (Intro)
Ch. 3
Notes: W.V.
7: Mar 6, 8 One-parameter Bifurcations (discrete) Discuss Projects;
Center Manifolds
Ch. 4-5
Notes: M.B.
8: Mar 13, 15 Center Manifolds Discuss Projects Ch. 5;
Notes: Z.H.
9: Mar 20, 22 NO CLASS NO CLASS Spring Break
10: Mar 27, 29 Center Manifolds: Local Approximation (continued) Ch. 6; First Project Proposal Due
Notes: A.R.
11: Apr 3, 5 Other Bifurcations (continued) Ch. 7-9;
Notes: W.V.
12: Apr 10, 12 (continued) (continued) Ch. 7-9
Notes: M.B.
13: Apr 17, 19 TBD TBD Project Draft Due
Notes: Z.H.
14: Apr 24, 26 TBD TBD
Notes: A.R.
15: May 1, 3 TBD TBD
Notes: W.V.
16: May 8
Project Presentations & Write-up Due
Dead Day